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There are different sources of business finance. One of the categories is the short-term finance which is used in satisfying the current needs of a business. Current needs in business include things such as payment of wages or salaries, expenses associated with repair and payment of taxes. Short term finance is necessary because purchase payments and sales revenue are not perfectly similar at all times. Sometimes sales can be relatively low when compared to investments. Additionally, sales may be done on credit, but purchases are done on cash. To match this disequilibrium, short-term finance is consequently necessary.

Short term finance can come from various sources. Bank overdraft is a form of short-term capital which is commonly used by many people in the business. Under this type of business finance, a client can withdraw more money than he or she has in the bank. It makes it easier for a businessman to meet the short-term expenses without any difficulties. Bill discounting is the other form where Bills of exchange can be discounted at the financial institutions. Such a type of financing provides cash to the bill holder which can be useful in settling immediate needs. Advance to customers are received and demanded order confirmation but they also help in financing the current orders. Purchases on installments gives enough time to the entrepreneur to make the necessary payments. Export or import documents and bill lading can be used by a person to acquire loans from a bank, and the loan can help in settling short-term expenses. Financial institutions also provide loans to entrepreneurs to help them in settling short-term expenses.

For a business person to settled medium-term conditions, he or she should have medium-term investment. Medium-term finance is required by the business for replacement, machinery, and modernization of the plant and other pieces of machinery. Re-engineering the organization is also another use of medium-term money.

There are different places where you can get capital to satisfy medium-term expenses. Medium-term conditions can be settled using money from the commercial banks. Commercial banks provide loans to business people for different time periods against the appropriate securities. Hire purchase is another source of capital, and it means buying goods in installments. Hire purchase is an essential form of capital because it enables firms to have all the machinery necessary which are paid for in the future. Businesses can even get long-term loans from different financial institutions.

Long-term finance is the last form of business capital and is used on permanent basis or for a period of more than five years. They are used to meet the desired structural changes and massive modernization of the business. Retained earnings and equity shares are some of the examples of long-term finances which can be used in financing business projects.

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