Keep Ahead of Constantly Evolving Sleep Offerings

In the last 5 years, more mattress technology has been made increasingly available, especially from the online realms. Every latest article talks about this new foam, or that new bamboo, or cloud technology. Keeping up with changing terms, phrases and materials can be a daunting task in and of itself.

Find Out What Terms Mean

Shopping for a new mattress is incredibly important and can be a huge task when the time is tight. People can’t generally interrupt their sleep habits to test a new mattress when the alarm will still go off at 6 am regardless of how you slept. And once you are researching mattresses, the new terms can be misleading if not outright confusing.

First things before making any purchase, find out what all the buzz is about. If someone is offering a mattress with a ‘comfort grid’, find out what a comfort grid is (it’s a support system made popular by certain online brand mattresses to improve pressure release on joints, promote airflow for coolness and allow less transfer of motion). If a company is raving about how their ‘zoned support’ helps improve joint comfort, search zoned support specifically (it’s a support core of foam in a mattress that focuses on supporting the hips and torso, while making it softer under the shoulders, legs, and head). Anytime some new word comes along, find out what it means and if it actually applies anything positive or extra to your needs.

Spend Weeks, Save More Than Money

If the time can be made, invest in a lot of research. Call or email companies and ask specific questions. Read mattress reviews from a lot of sites and compare what they say. Certain blogs may have a greater range of input on a specific feature you’re curious about. If you find several blogs that agree with that input, you may have a better chance of finding an accurate statement about that feature.

Sleep is something people spend a third of their lives doing. The more research you do, not only are you more informed of the purchase, you are potentially saving yourself pain and stress adjusting to a mattress that may not be perfect for you. More time spent now means better time spent later.

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